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9 Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage in 2024

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Are you looking for a safe and secure place to store your financial gold reserves?

With the current global economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever that high net worth individuals be strategic and forward-thinking when choosing the right country for offshore gold storage. Gold has proven to be a reliable asset throughout history, protecting your wealth against market volatility and currency devaluation. While there are many countries offering competitive terms for storing gold abroad, only certain nations will guarantee utmost security of personal assets. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top countries providing optimal conditions for successfully holding physical gold reserves offshore.

Read on to discover which options might best suit your needs!

The Criteria: What Makes a Good Country for Offshore Gold Storage

As global citizens, we put a high degree of importance on international asset protection, and so are always on the lookout for great jurisdictions for gold storage.

For these picks, we took into consideration the following criteria:

  • Good logistics
  • Accessibility
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Options and liquidity for buying, selling and borrowing
  • Favorable tax and import/export regulations
  • Secure, high quality facilities
  • Privacy
  • Stable, established jurisdiction
  • Self-governing country with no strong allegiance to other nations
  • A jurisdiction not controlled by domineering governments or powerful nations

Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage

In these turbulent times, people are safeguarding their wealth and storing their gold across the world as a way to secure financial stability. If you’re looking for a secure location to store your precious metals, we’ve created a list of the best countries for offshore gold storage.

However, there are a few things to note:

  • When it comes to financial matters, all of us should remain honest and responsible. Doing anything shady or underhanded carries risks that are best avoided.
  • Protecting your hard-earned assets is not the same as hiding them away — an offshore trust offers a smart and secure solution that provide an extra layer of security so that you’re able to confidently keep more control over what matters most: your financial future.
  • If you’re American, simply hiding your assets in an offshore trust won’t fly with the IRS. It’s essential to remember that if you were involved in any way with setting up a foreign account or receiving distributions from one, then these must be declared — no matter where they may reside! Check with your tax lawyer or accountant for reporting advice.
  • Any information in this article was deemed accurate at the time of publication and is meant as a reference. The price and premiums on gold are constantly changing.
  • When selecting a gold storage facility, consider your needs carefully. What matters most to you: instant access or anonymity? Your decision between the two will determine which country is best for you and provide optimal protection of your silver and gold assets.
  • The list of countries is in no particular order. Always do your own due diligence.

Without further ado, here are the best countries for offshore gold storage based on our research.


Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage Singapore

Singapore is the best country in the world for offshore gold storage. Thanks to their highly secure and reliable banking system, their government’s long-standing reputation of reliability, favorable tax laws on bullion investments and ease of trading and transporting precious metals, Singapore has a well-deserved reputation as an ideal, safe place to store your gold.

Aided by low taxation and proximity to major Asian trading hubs, high ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s and a strong financial infrastructure, Singapore provides unwavering protection for gold storage that cannot be matched elsewhere in the world. Its low crime rates are attractive to investors looking for peace of mind while its world class infrastructure ensure convenient access at any time. Add the fact that Singapore’s neutrality and impeccable economic stability provide extra reassurance in times of uncertainty, it’s no wonder why savvy global investors have started seeing appeal in this little Asian nation.

Singaporean Dollars are pegged to the US dollar, so the currency offers a secure and attractive alternative for those looking to safeguard their assets from inflation and instability. The country is ahead of the curve when it comes to forward-thinking practices, offering investors tax benefits while simultaneously boasting no debt or government liabilities. On top of this it allows easy access ability in trading across Asia given their prime location proximity between India and China.

With wealth hubs like Switzerland already feeling its competition, there’s never been a better time than now to park your gold in Singapore.

Options for Gold Storage

Hong Kong

Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a number of advantages as a country for offshore gold storage, including its well-developed banking and legal infrastructure, political stability, and strong economy.

Hong Kong is a great place to store gold offshore because it has a strong history of economic stability. The government of Hong Kong also has a strong track record of protecting the rights of property owners.

Another advantage of storing gold in Hong Kong is that it’s a very convenient location. Hong Kong is located close to China and other parts of Asia, so it’s easy to access your gold if you need to make a withdrawal. Additionally, the banking system in Hong Kong is very sophisticated, so you can be sure that your money will be handled securely and with discretion.

With a history of trading stretching back in time, Hong Kong has become an international financial powerhouse. Leveraging the wealth management sector and its advances, there is no wonder that precious metals are highly appreciated here. In fact, it even serves as Asia’s leading hub for such ventures, with refineries galore providing easy access to gold.

Options for Gold Storage


Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage Switzerland

There are a few reasons why Switzerland is a great country for offshore gold storage. Firstly, Switzerland has a long history of neutrality and political stability, which makes it a safe place to store your assets. Additionally, the Swiss banking system is well-known and highly respected worldwide, and Swiss banks are known for their stringent security measures and privacy policies.

Switzerland is located in the middle of Europe and is easily accessible by road, rail, or air. This makes it convenient for traders and investors who need to access their gold regularly.

Switzerland is renowned around the world as a bastion of reliable gold refiners and investors. Boasting sophisticated storage facilities in major cities, it allows for unrestricted flows of currency both into and out of its borders; an ideal situation which securely safeguards precious metals while facilitating freedom to move capital at will.

Options for Gold Storage

New Zealand


New Zealand is another great option for offshore gold storage. It offers a secure and stable environment for those looking to store their wealth in precious metals. With favorable business rankings, personal and economic freedoms, as well as reliable property ownership laws, this island nation boasts the ideal climate for safeguarding your investments with confidence.

The country has a long history of political and economic stability and has a strong banking system with stringent safety and security protocols. This guarantees that your assets will be protected at all times.

With its unique geographical positioning and relationship to Western countries, New Zealand is the perfect mix of familiar yet far-flung. It’s a wonderful place for wealth diversification as it’s off-the-grid and fairly neutral politically. Its emergence as an economic haven makes it well worth considering when looking into investment and diversification opportunities from around the globe!

Options for Gold Storage

Cayman Islands


For those looking for a place to safely store precious metals, the Cayman Islands shine as one of the most superior choices in the Western hemisphere. With its close proximity and easy access from North, South and Central America via major airline carriers along with an ultra-modern airport just half a mile away from storage facility, it’s an ideal location for anyone seeking trusted security when safeguarding their precious metal assets.

When it comes to protecting your wealth, discretion is paramount. Safely tucked away in the Cayman Islands lies a privately owned and managed storage facility – an ideal place for storing precious metals without any of the encumbrances associated with traditional investments. The grandeur of these islands goes beyond their breathtaking landscapes; they are completely free from taxes on sales, capital gains or income as well as tariffs when entering or leaving — giving you total control over your assets with peace-of-mind knowing that no one else can get their hands on them.

The Cayman Islands have become known as a premier jurisdiction for storing your assets, however other locations are now offering competitive rates which could actually cost you much less. So before making any decisions, ensure that you explore and weight up all options.

Options for Gold Storage



There are many good reasons why Israel should be considered amongst the top countries for storing offshore gold holdings.

Israel has a long history of being a safe and secure place to store wealth. The Israeli government is fully aware of the importance of gold and has put in place a number of measures to protect stored gold from confiscation or seizure. Plus, Israel offers excellent value for money when it comes to storing gold offshore.

Anyone considering protecting gold investments should consider Tel Aviv. The city is home to many precious metals and logistics companies, guaranteeing secure storage for your large or small-scale investment needs.

Despite being off the beaten path from a geopolitical standpoint, Israel’s political neutrality give can give gold investors peace of mind.

Options for Gold Storage



In an age where financial privacy is harder to come by, Austria stands out as a beacon of hope. Nestled in the heart of Europe, it’s one of your last viable options for securely storing gold and other valuables away from prying eye. Its geographic location also allows you access to some truly amazing places while maintaining complete anonymity.

Austria also has a long history of gold mining and is considered to be one of the most reputable gold-producing countries in the world. In addition, Austria has a well-developed financial sector with a strong history of banking secrecy. This makes it an ideal place to store your gold in relative safety and privacy.

Options for Gold Storage



Germans have historically favoured the security of gold and silver over more risky investments. As a country with a long history of stability and security with no VAT or capital gains tax on gold purchases, it’s no surprise that Germany currently holds 3350+ tonnes in precious metals and represents a safe haven for investors around the world who value stability above all else.

Not only does Germany possess top-of-the-line storage systems and transportation infrastructure to put their holdings into action whenever needed but they also view gold as a safe haven amidst current inflation fears. With Germany serving as one of Europe’s biggest trading hubs, it’s no wonder that precious metal demand has hit highs unseen since 2009 — signifying an optimistic outlook for what’s to come next.

Germany is located in the heart of Europe, which gives you easy access to your gold if needed. Overall, Germany is a solid choice for storing your gold offshore.

Options for Gold Storage

United States


The US has had a long-standing fascination with gold, dating back to the 1820s. Its golden history continues today through investors trading American Gold Eagle and Buffalo coins domestically and abroad, as well as being one of the largest producers in 2020. This strong connection is evident due to its unsurpassable collection of reserves stored away at Fort Knox — home to some of Earth’s most secure treasures!

The United States has long been renowned for its love of gold and other precious metals, with an expansive vault system located in several major hubs across the U.S. There is a wide range of infrastructure to ensure your treasured assets can be transported both within America’s borders or overseas without having to pay any additional fees.

Options for Gold Storage

Reasons to Store Gold Offshore

Investing in offshore gold storage can help protect your assets and provide you with a sense of financial wellbeing. You’ll have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your savings are safe, as well as access to opportunities previously unavailable onshore.

Here are some of the top reasons people choose to store gold offshore:


Are you hoarding gold and silver coins in hidden nooks of your house? Concealment is all well and good, but for those who truly value their precious metal investment it may be time to consider a new storage solution. Relying on the hope that nothing bad will happen — like robbery or fire — isn’t wise when there are secure options available; ones with convenient access too! Offshore gold storage could give you peace-of-mind knowing your savings are properly safeguarded against theft and natural disaster so giving yourself an extra layer of security might just make sense.

Asset Protection

People store gold offshore for asset protection. If a person’s country of residence experiences political or economic instability, their gold holdings can be seized by the government. By storing gold in another country, it is less likely that the government will be able to seize the assets. Additionally, if a person’s home country has capital controls in place, it may be difficult or impossible to move one’s gold holdings back into the country. By storing gold in a foreign jurisdiction, it is easier to access and move should the need arise.


Another reason to store gold offshore is privacy. By storing your gold in a foreign country, you can keep your assets confidential and protect them from prying eyes. Speak to your accountant or tax lawyer for advice on reporting and always follow the laws of your country.


Another reason to store gold offshore is to hedge against currency risk. When the value of your local currency falls relative to other currencies, your gold holdings will be worth more in other currencies. So if you’re worried about the stability of your local currency, storing some of your assets in gold may be a good idea.

Precious metals are valuable not just as an investment, but also as a form of government insurance. Storing them somewhere safe and secure can bring invaluable peace of mind — especially when you move part of your stash to neutral storage locations that offer superior asset protection benefits.

Tips for Storing Gold Offshore

When it comes to storing your gold, select the country that gives you the best service and benefits. Look for companies who break new ground in providing an extra layer of security — not just physically protecting your assets, but also respecting your privacy and giving you a sense of confidence.

Here are some of our top tips when choosing a location to store golf offshore:


Gold and silver can be powerful investments that help protect your wealth from government interference. While you should keep some of these assets close to home, consider securely storing the remainder in an overseas location for added financial security. This will enable a wise detachment away from one single currency system.

By diversifying where and what metals are held, you’re giving yourself multiple pathways towards protecting your hard-earned money against unexpected forces down the line.

To safeguard your investments, you might also want to look beyond one vault and diversify by splitting the storage between several. Spreading out the risk can be worth the sacrifice in convenience in order to ensure security, and also comes with the added benefit of extra layers of privacy.

Verify Security Measures

When it comes to safeguarding your gold and silver, don’t settle for anything less than the highest security standards. Ensure that the country you have chosen has robust vaults designed specifically to store precious metals — this is absolutely essential in keeping financial matters secure.

Select Neutral Countries

When it comes to choosing where to store your valuables, play it safe and seek out countries that have not forged any tight connections with strong political powers. For this reason, you probably wouldn’t want to store all of your gold in EU countries. Likewise, if you’re American, you’d probably want to avoid Canada. Select countries with lesser ties to diversify your risk.

Seek Solid Infrastructure

Choose a jurisdiction with sound banking infrastructure and experienced, qualified professionals who specialize in gold and silver. Get the assurance that when you want to sell or transfer funds, communication is secure and efficient and service is top-tier.

Select Based on Laws

When choosing where store your wealth, carefully consider carefully the nation’s laws around financial freedom. If you’re a U.S. citizen or a former U.S. citizen, storing gold in the United States is an unnecessarily risky endeavor. With stringent government regulations and strict reporting laws for those with connections to America, it’s best to avoid. Even close ally nations like Canada, Great Britain or Australia are not immune from this trend. Be wary about using them as safe havens.

Where to Store Gold Offshore

When it comes to offshore gold storage, there are a few different options. Let’s discuss each in detail:


Although banks may provide a certain degree of protection for your gold, the convenience comes with great risk. Depositing it could leave you vulnerable to bank-related or government control and if something happens to the financial system in your country, access would be cut off completely. Additionally, storing gold at a bank often requires legal declarations that you might want to avoid. To maximize security and have full control over where your wealth sits best, our is to hold on tightly and keep precious metals away from banking institutions.

Private Vault

Private vaults offer a secure alternative to traditional banks, overflowing with features like insurance coverage and chain of custody verification. With access on your own terms (no need for banking hours), you can easily liquidate or transport holdings whenever you wish. Not only that: you can buy or sell gold into fiat currency or even cryptocurrency from many private vaults. And gold stored in private vaults is often legally non-reportable too. Just make sure you consult legal counsel first!

When it comes down to it, third party institutions might just be more safe than government solutions and give you a degree of risk separation.

Your Overseas Home

Are you looking for a way to store gold without having pay someone else? Real estate abroad could be the perfect solution. By owning international real estate that is not being used as a rental, US citizens don’t need to report it on their taxes. So why not put your legally non-reportable precious metals there instead of leaving them in an insecure banking system?

Frequently Asked Questions About Offshore Gold Storage

Where is the best place to store your gold?

The best place to store your gold is in Singapore. The country has a well-established and trusted banking system, and its strict regulations ensure the safety and security of investors’ assets. Additionally, Singapore’s port facilities are among the most sophisticated in the world, making it easy to transport bullion internationally.

Why do people store gold in Switzerland?

There are a few reasons people store gold in Switzerland. Some people believe that Switzerland is a safe place to store assets, due to the country’s strong banking system and political stability. Additionally, Switzerland has a long tradition of storing precious metals, and the Swiss government has implemented policies that make it easy for investors to store gold there.

Gold is also stored in Switzerland because it is a major center of the gold refining industry. Gold refineries in Switzerland are experts in converting raw gold into various forms, including coins, bars, and other specialty products. This expertise makes it easy for investors to buy and sell gold quickly and easily.

What country has the cheapest gold?

There is no simple answer to this question, as the price of gold varies greatly depending on the quality and weight of the metal. However, we can compare using universally recognized gold such as bullion coins. Hong Kong has the cheapest gold because of the low taxes and trade restrictions.

Where do the rich store their gold?

There are a few places where the wealthy store their gold. Some of the more popular destinations include Singapore and Switzerland. These countries have a long history of protecting wealth, and they both have relatively stable governments and economies. Additionally, both locations offer strong privacy laws that ensure the anonymity of those who store their gold there.

Can you travel with gold in your luggage?

When travelling internationally, you are allowed to bring in a certain amount of cash without having to declare it. The maximum amount that you’re allowed to bring in will vary depending on the country, but it’s typically in the ballpark of $10,000-$15,000. If you have more than this amount, you will need to declare it at customs.

In addition to cash, you’re also allowed to bring in a certain amount of ‘cash equivalents’. This includes things like traveler’s checks, gold bullion, and other precious metals or stones. Again, the maximum amount will vary depending on the country.

If you often move around and want to travel with some of your gold as a kind of insurance policy, pay careful attention to what countries you’re flying through and what their attitudes towards gold are.

Many will treat gold as a cash equivalent.

If you’re carrying gold valued over a country’s declarable amount, you’ll be asked a lot of questions at the very least.

Parting Words

If you’re looking for a place to store your gold offshore, one of the countries on this list would be a good option. Keep in mind that each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to gold storage, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. Have you chosen a location for your gold yet? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’re thinking.

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